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"Priscillastyles" is back in a BIG way!!!
Do you have crafter's nails?

Want to match your favorite outfit?
Tired of messed up wet nails and salon prices?

I have the answer!
I have the answer at this Online Party!
It will be open for a couple of weeks so when you can,
Check it out!
I have the answer!

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when finalizing your order you click on my event so I will get credit :) 

Hi everyone. I'm so excited to share this fantastic new product with you. This is the newest thing in nail styling and this is my launch party. I just LOVE this brand new product line and I KNOW you will too. Any orders (small or large) will help to kick start my new business. If you want to host your own Nail Bar Party, test out the product, have a bunch of fun and earn some freebies, just contact me. If you would like to get in on the ground floor of this brand new business opportunity. I'm here to help.
(((hugs and happy shopping)))

 These are my daughter's nails.....we just LOVE this new product :)